Forged in the desire to create quality hand-made furniture which can be customised according to the customers needs, Eeda Inc was started by brother-sister duo Farhan and Farya Lokhandwala in 2016.

Eeda is where high quality meets great style, combined with your desire to have the perfect fit for your room. We at Eeda believe that no one should compromise on style or time, so we bring to you a range of products made out of quality teak wood. Eeda was conceptualised when Farhan and Farya were trying to design their parents home. Store-brand furniture did not give them the elegance they desired and designer furniture did not provide customisation. So Farhan took to the drawing board and started creating his own designs.

What started out as amateur carpentry using old wood soon turned into passion for perfection and the end result was elegance.  Eeda’s latest range has the touch of class. Old world rustic meets modern day metal and gives birth to distinctive handmade pieces stemmed in both unfinished wood and metal. Every design at Eeda is made with care and we hope that we can share some of our passion with you.